Karatbars Frequently Asked Questions (Nov 2, 2020)

Here are some recently asked questions and my answers for them.



I need some cash, but I don’t know how to withdraw it from Karatbit.
Most people that I register needs some cash, we are struggling due to covid-19…



I hear you…

If you and people in your team have gold, you can just go to your backoffice and file a delivery request. Then once you receive gold, you can exchange it for cash in your town 🙂

With converting the coin to cash, we all will have to wait, since it’s going through changes..

Know, expect, and give thanks for the money that you have and you will receive it very soon!! Our mindest creates 100% of our reality, including money matters 🙂 🙂 🙂

Listen this audibook on how to create money (or anything) with your mind.



I am now trying to move my KBC to G999 to create a desktop or web wallet or both and generally get set up for the next phase.

I have tried to follow instructions, going to Dashboard, Reduction Plan, Migration Codes… only at that point the screen reads: “Error while retrieving data, please try again later”. I got it once, but aborted as it read
“This step is irrevocable”…


I see…
Were you able to get past the error now?
Since Karatbars is still working on the migration procedures, there may be errors…
The thing is, I still have to migrate my coins 😉
The migration deadline is in December (15th I think), so we all have LOTS of TIME to do it 🙂

Don’t stress about it all 🙂

Nature never hurries, yet everything gets done in time 🙂
The most important thing is to have happy and abundant thoughts and feelings since our mindset creates 100% of our reality!
I have tried numerous times to get my KYC approved. I even phoned Germany but nobody could recognize or help me…
I understand your feelings… They are in transitioning phase, so that’s why maybe so much out of our reach…yet it’s not fair… I know.. Maybe try again? Did you contact your sponsor about that?
My KBC coins on other exchanges, can they still be migrated to Karatbit exchange and converted to new coins?
Yes, you have until Nov 15 to transfer coins to Karatbit 🙂
My WHIM laptop hasn’t arrived and it’s been more than 6 months that I ordered it…. What should I do?
I’d just wait, everything is happening for our bliss – you will see!!!
Can you help me exchange my KCB coins to the Karatbit Exchange and the debit card?
At this point, given that KBC is going through many changes, the withdrawals cannot be made. Something much better is on the way 🙂
I would like to withdraw some cash, I have transferred my coins into Freebay but I don’t know how… please help.
The coin is going through the changes now, so, maybe later.
However, if you have some gold, you can file a delivery request and exchange it for cash in your town 😉



There’s so much information… It looks like I was transferred into the Freebay site. It looks so familiar to Karatbars. I am a little confused with this all…


I’d just watch huddle calls.

Be peaceful about all the Karatbars changes, just watch the deadlines, that’s it!

Watch huddle calls once per week and that’s more than enough to stay updated.



Can I get more clarity on migration of our KBC coins from Karatbit to enable me explain to my downliners?
For now, regarding the migration, please refer here (the pop-up window)

The migration deadline is December 15 as far as I know, so we all have LOTS of TIME to do it 🙂



If you have any additional questions, leave them below 🙂



  1. Anonymous

    Where is the gold from the QR codes??The coin that is supposed to be .10g of gold is worth 10 cents in my country so ??

    • Margarita


      I apologize for a delay.
      Yeah.. I understand.
      KBC, what is now G999, as we know, is a cryptocurrency, which as we know subject to fluctuations in price (volatility).
      Bitcoin took over 3 years to breakthrough its $1500 mark..
      Let’s observe and see what happens with G999 in the coming year or two 🙂

  2. mauritz

    hi im waiting for my phone as that was the package i bought more than 2 years ago. how does this work cause i paid for it and now with the migration i also lost my bonus

    • Margarita

      Hi Mauritz,

      I am pologizing for such a delayed reply.
      Karatbars has been sold to US company. Yes, somewhat disappointing.
      But Harald Seiz is still with the company.

      With time, I believe, we’ll be able to reclaim our assets.
      For updates, please follow “V999/MBASE and affiliate updates” in Telegram on your phone

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

    • Margarita

      Hi Hessamedin,

      Apologizing for a delay.
      Karatbars has been sold to US company. Yeah…insane.
      But he is still with the company.

      With time we’ll be able to reclaim our gold and assets, I know.
      To get updates, please follow “V999/MBASE and affiliate updates” in Telegram on your phone.

      Let me know if you have any questions ?

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