Karatbars December 15 Deadline: Update

Following up on the Dec 15 deadline extension…

I contacted a Karatbars leader in my town.

She is connected to the top leaders in Karatbars.

Long story short:  Contrary to my expectation, the deadline won’t be extended.

If you are one of those people who was not able to transfer coins or vouchers, I know how you feel.

Deep disappointment, feeling of being treated unjustly…

Everything happens for our greatest good.. just know that. 

And you haven’t lost anything.

On the contrary, you gained.

One day you will look back and you will be thankful that this happened.

Just look at the past ‘bad’ occurrences in your life, they all led to something great.

We create 100% of our reality with our thoughts and feelings.

At any moment we can re-arrange our mind, and eventually can have anything we desire if we stick to our mental images.

We are infinitely powerful.

Given many reasons, I’ve decided to stop sending newsletters on Karatbars.

Given that many of us hold coins and expect returns:

If needed, I’ll still be sending info on that…. on any deadlines or anything else that must be done with the coins.

I’ll also continue sending newsletters on abundance mindset and how to create abundance with out thoughts and feelings:

So if would like to receive such info, stick around.

If you are planning to continue with Karatbars fully

Make sure you check the “Recent News” section from time to time, as I won’t be sending updates on affiliate matters, new products, etc.

The most valuable thing we can do to live a happy abundant life is to train our mind.

With images in our mind and feelings, we can create anything in record speed.

If you want to learn more about that listen to “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” book here.

I listened it for 5-6 times. It includes  practical instructions on how to create out of the quantum field.

You can start creating with your mind right after reading this book… money, love, anything your heart desires.

If you are feeling anxious, stressful or worried about money (or anything).

Then you MUST try tapping. 

It works like a miracle.

This technique works on the quantum level.

I recorded a video on how to do it here (increase the volume).

It’s targeted to school stress, but it works for ANY stress.

I’ll be re-recording it soon. Let me know if you would like me to do it sooner.

(Just started this YouTube channel to share knowledge accumulated over the last 15 years. Subscribe if you are interested).


All is for our highest bliss.
Let’s say happy 🙂
We are Gods in flesh.

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