Karatbars credibility


Karatbars credibility is unfortunately a conflicting topic. For example, after giving a 30-minute introduction to Karatbars in-person or taking somebody to Karatbars presentation, 50% of the time the replies that I get immediately are something like:

“Karatbars is a scam”
“Karatbars is a Ponzi scheme”
“Karatbars is MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)”
“Karatbars is a Pyramid Scheme”

I can empathize with them. Nowadays, in the world of Internet where anonymity is widespread,  it is hard to distinguish between a “wolf” and a “sheep” as too many “wolves” looked like “sheeps” in the past decade.


Nevertheless, below facts do a good job in reflecting a solid credibility of this German company:

1. Karatbars is currently active in over 140 countries.
2. Karatbars is in full compliance with German law.
3. MasterCard approved Karatbars and Karatbars has its own private MasterCard issued by Prepaid Financial Services and/or powercard21 .
4. Karatbars received a positive review from Jack Baugher, the owner of fraudandscam.com – read the review here. In fact, he became a Karatbars affiliate.
5. Matt Rettick, one of the top financial advisors in the world and bestselling author of “All the Rules Have Changed” spent a month reviewing Karatbars. Then he turned his entire financial company over to his son and now he is one of the top Karatbars affiliates.
6. Karatbars has a successful partnership with Ricky Cardus, a famous motorcycle racer from Spain.
7. Karatbars has a successful partnership with Real Madrid, a well-known football club.
8. Karatbars has a successful partnership with Guy Lafleur, a hockey legend.
9. Karatbars has a successful partnership with Bobby Hull, another hockey legend.
10. Karatbars has a successful partnership with Martina Sablikova, a world famous speed skater from Czech Republic.

In the video below, you will not only learn that Karatbars is an e-commerce company, but also what exactly the mysterious “Ponzi scheme”, “MLM” and “Pyramid Scheme” terms mean.