1. Lucy


    Thank you for your in depth explanation of Karatbar’s 2 main compensation plans. The one I still struggle to understand is the cycle bonus one. You get the package bonus on any package bought by one of your direct affiliates. That sounds viable as you’re the only one taking a cut out of this one transaction. However with the cycle bonus you get it for any 75 units accumulated on both your legs however far down it goes, and whether you sponsored them, or anyone else in your downline. But if the whole team is all getting the same units accumulated from anyone below them how is that financially viable. If they all get a 60€ bonus once the 75 units are reached surely in a big team of people the amount of bonus’s cashed in will be higher than the amount payed to the company for the actual 75 units won’t it? Not sure if my question is clear?

    • Margarita

      Hi Lucy,

      I understand your question and see why you are confused.
      You and everyone in your team benefiting from the units accumulated underneath may not sound plausible.
      Yet, it’s precisely that. That’s the ultimate beauty of Karatbars compensation plan.

      Remember that the maximum you can get when you have 75 units is 80€ (with VIP business package).
      Now, to have units on the regular basis, it means that your team needs to buy products on the regular basis, which sometimes is not the case.

      Here Brian McGinty, a long-time Karatbars affiliate emphasizes this point in the video (skip to 16.09).

      Tomorrow I’ll post an updated version of the compensation plan and will paste a link here.

      Let me know if something still is not clear 🙂

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