Karatbars.com Reviews 2020: Thoughts & Questions

Somebody has sent the questions and contemplative thoughts on Karatbars, which I posted below.

It’s kind of like two Karatbars review of 2020: From that other person and me.



Most people are scared to change & won’t do it because they struggled with kyc that needs to be done AGAIN for Freebay switch, why did they not ask people & just demand them to join over to freebay without permission..



Joining Freebay is optional…but I see and understand what you mean.


To learn more about Freebay

Go here and here


Myself, I am in a neutral position: Not defending nor blaming Karatbars.

Because everything in life happens for a reason.

How I view this company now?

In order to get ahead and build wealth for many people, Karatbars is constantly progressing and attempts and changes a million things.

This often happens at the detriment of those very people.

Doesn’t it remind you something? 

A someone attempting to build a career and that results in hurting their loved ones!

This person can be any of us. Should we blame them or defend them? Everyone decides for themselves.


Is there a way for people to get their little bit of cash gold savings without joining anything & what happened to the clients, everything is just about affiliates, where does it leave the clients in this process at this stage..



Cash? The only thing I see now is to request a gold delivery and sell at the local gold shop (like I mentioned in one of the newsletters)


So, if you have gold in your Karatbars account:

To request a delivery, in your dashboard, go to ‘My Gold’ and from there you will be able to do it.

See details in this video.



Thank you for your time in reading & hopefully having some answers to forward to them who are really lost & can’t participate in the new changes because of the plan to only available to the rich & left the middle class behind who used their last money to join under false information from many leadership in countries that hoped for a better life.. that’s left behind now..



Sure 🙂

Yeah, it hurts…on the other hand, again, everything happens for a reason..

And in reality, there is nothing good or bad, but only how we look at it.

Often ‘bad’ things and ‘failures’ lead us to the most magnificent things in our lives. Just look at your past or at the past of people you know, and you will find many examples.

Remember, a caterpillar who thought it was the end of the world became a butterfly!

So, don’t despair, on the opposite, be joyful! Because our thoughts and feelings today create our tomorrow.

We are Gods in human flesh.  


If you want to know more on how to change reality with your thoughts and emotions: 

Listen to one of the most amazing books on this eternal subject.

(I listened it like 5-6 times).

REMEMBER: The most  important things is to APPLY this precious knowledge. Start today!


All the blessings of the Universe is at our feet.

The only thing that separate us from those blessings is our FAITH that we already have those blessings.

We just have to go within to realize how powerful we are before we can see those blessings in the physical world.

For some this journey may take time, for others it may take a few  short weeks or months.

Just imagine, at any point in time (if talking about money), you can buy a lottery ticket for $2 and win 2 million or more!

What separates us from that win? FAITH that you already won those $2 million!

Not our life conditions, not the leaders of our country, not a company we work for, not our kids or spouse, not our parents, or not even our occasional laziness – only faith.

That book above is good to get you started to develop your faith and awaken our innate power.

We are infinitely powerful, we just have to awaken our power.



What will happen if you dont make use of the reduction plan & left everything as it is in karatbit..



Nothing, as far as I know.

However, coins in Karatbit will have to be migrated to another exchange using migration codes (there was a newsletter on this).

See how to do it here. (that’s the pop-up you see right away).


At the moment everything is computer based but many people does not have a personal computer, like in some countries people need to share 1 computer in their household which are mostly used by the person that works for an income to sustain a family but all people have a phone only in their family setup..



Yeah… especially in third-world countries. I wish I could supply computers to everyone…I understand.

As far as I know a smartphone is enough for that.

Also, maybe use library computers?


Will it really come to the point where people will loose their money with the coins they’ve saved in karatbars, what about those who can’t do the reduction plan because of not having sufficient funds in their accounts, will they just loose it & is it legal to just take it without people’s permission after buying into the karatbars gold..



Reduction plan is already in the past (there was no need to pay for that… and it was a choice..as far as I have seen it)


Sending you light and power 🙂 🙂 🙂

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