Karatbars CEM: Exciting Benefits & Locations

Karatbars CEM: Exciting Benefits & Locations

In this article you will learn about Karatbars CEM benefits and locations.

Know the neat benefits of owning or using a CEM machine!

As you know, CEM stands for Cash Exchange Machine.

CEM is simply an ATM.

But because we have cashgold, not cash, more accurately CEM is a Cashgold Exchange machine!

So, you can withdraw real gold from CEM! (in a form of cashgold)

And you can buy cashgold using CEM! (with Bitcoin or Ether).

Watch the fun video below of the CEM spitting real gold! How cool is that!?


Benefits of owning a CEM machine

  1. You make 4% from every withdrawal!

  2. A default currency of CEM is KBC

    • KBC is a gold backed cryptocurrency. Which is a relatively stable currency compared to hundreds of unbacked cryptocurrencies out there.

  3. Having a gold-dispensing machine naturally attracts attention and, hence, more customers to your shop!!


CEM locations

Karatbars CEM: Exciting Benefits & Locations

Karatbars Cash Exchange Machines – CEMs (aka ATMs)

These are the current CEM locations that I am aware of.

There may be more around the world.

If you know of any CEM and its location is not mentioned above… I’d be really grateful if you let me know that in the comments section below. I’ll add it to the list!

This way people are aware of CEM locations and can plan according if they want to redeem their remaining QR codes or get some cashgold.


USA (2 locations)

  1. Just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota
  2. Little Rock, Arkansas


Canada (2 locations)

  1. Richmond, British Columbia
  2. Calgary, Alberta


How to speed up the appearance of CEM in your town

Placing CEMs around the world will take time.

If you want to speed the appearance of CEM in your town / country buy the machine and put it in your or friend’s shop!

Please note, these machines are exclusively for shop owners or any other business brick-and-mortar owners.

So, you need to present your business registration certificate when buying  a Karatbars CEM.

A personal tip: To make it easier on your budget, split the cost of CEM among other Karatbars members you know!

If you want to buy a CEM machine but don’t have a Karatbars account yet, open yours here. I’m there nearly 24/7 to assist you reach your financial goals!
Keep in mind:
When you withdraw cashgold from CEM, you need to pay production costs.
For every 0.1g of cashgold you withdraw, you need to pay €0.96 in KBC coins



Do you know of any CEM and its location is not mentioned above?

Or have a question?

Please let me know below.



Lots of ways to contact me:

Cell / Telegram / WhatsApp / Viber: 1-587-225-1562 (Canada, Calgary)

Skype: margarita_219

Email: mivaniuk@shaw.ca


  1. Basil Service

    in Germany we have a different time zone and most importanlyt the language must be in German language . they are perfect and skeptic people

    • Margarita

      Hi Tim,

      The exact location is not certain.

      As you can understand, many people want to convert QR codes to gold, so that’s why the locations are kept more private (my opinion).

      Plus not every CEM has cashgold all the time since it goes fast!

      Nitsa Nakus may know as she lives in BC. Maybe try to reach out to her.

      Enjoy the magical spring in BC 🙂

    • Margarita

      Hi Salman,

      It’s 2685-36 St. NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 5S3

      Phone: 587.350.8838

      It’s shut down now.

      When it re-opens, I’d call them (Li and Mary are owners) and ask if they have cashgold.

      The last time I checked there was no gold.

      Have a happy week 🙂

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