Karatbars Beginner Training


*Updated July 19, 2020


Beginner training

This training will take you from ‘Know your WHY’ to ‘Launch your business’

Once you are done with this training, you will be ready to share Karatbars opportunity with other people and start earning commissions!


Karatbars affiliate training videos 2020

Screenshot #1


1. Go to synergygoldgroup.com/training

2. Under ‘BRAND NEW? START HERE’ clickStart Training Now →’ (See Screenshot #1 above)

3. First, watch ‘Course Introduction’ video with Nitsa Nakos

4. When done, click ‘Start Course’ on the left

5. Then go through ALL the training videos in Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3


Done watching all the videos in the Beginner training above?

Congrats, you are one of those few winners who actually invest time and attention to go through the entire training!!!

Now go and apply the knowledge you just gained and start building your team and making your first commissions!