Karatbars and Freebay: Video and FAQ

What’s Freebay and what does it have to do with your Karatbars account?

Please watch the well-laid out video below (by Bruce Hughes) and read FAQ to learn about all that.


Video explaining Freebay



FAQ on Freebay

  • Karatbars International GmbH stays in business. Your account will stay online.

  • Commissions from Karatbars will be proceeded from Karatbars as you are used to it.

  • Karatbars does not become Freebay! Freebay is a separate unique company in Switzerland.

    Please find the following questions and answers regarding the transition phase:


What happens to my Gold in storage?

Your Gold storage from Karatbars stays in your back office at Karatbars which will always be accessible for you. You are able to either leave your Gold in storage or request delivery of your Gold at any time as in the past.

What if I do not transfer over to Freebay, but my downline does?

Do I still get paid on their production in the new compensation plan? No – to be paid on your downline at Freebay you have to register there and reach the necessary qualification as given in the compensation plan of Freebay.

When will I be able to transfer my CashGold, Classic gold cards, QR codes, BUNV to V999?

After the prelaunch phase of Freebay you can transfer the said goods to LifeCards at Freebay. There you will have the option as announced by Freebay to convert it further.

What will happen with my existing status at Karatbars when I move to Freebay?

Freebay offers you an attractive solution. Please inform yourself about this in their presentations.

What will happen with my Premium and Premium professional pool and other exclusive pool payouts?

The owners of those pools will be informed personal by e-mail.

What will happen with the CEM´s?

The CEM in it´s old version will be history. We are preparing a new, updated, and smarter model of it. The already delivered CEM´s will be replaced with the new model and the ones which are still pending will receive the new one. The development time is estimated at 9 months. The new CEM´s will carry a new name and best of all, they will be the point of exchange for the upcoming V999 to a physical LifeCard. The very best, the owner of the CEM will receive a handling fee of 2.5% of the exchanged volume in Gold.


If you have any questions, please leave them below 🙂  (this way everyone can see the relevant questions and answers).



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  1. Chris McCall

    Will Freebay close forever after the launch of Freebay? I have been seeing where they say you must register by October 8th.

    Does that mean by that time, you can no longer join Freebay at all?

    • Margarita

      Hi Chris,

      You mean will Karatbars close? No, Karatbars will stay.

      Of the deadline I am not sure… Although I don’t think it’s that strict…


    • Margarita

      Hi Robert,

      I’d do it from Karatbars dashboard… wait until you have more gold since 0.2 is not cost-efficient to ship…

      In your dashboard, go to ‘My Gold’ and from there you will be able to do it.

      See details in this video:https://youtu.be/oF6GJqh9HbY


  2. Laetitia

    I have at least $1300 worth of gold i bought from my paychecks a few years ago. I provided all the necessary info for my KYC but I can not at this point even get them to process the request–so can not move past the authentication and the perpetual message about KYC I get when I first hit the page.

    I need to get my gold or transfer it. How to get them to send it out. They were supposed to get it done by December 2021. I heard nothing.

    I wonder if they can send it to freebay instead–what are the options with a freebay account from there. I ca’t wait to be past this and get what is mine. It’s getting to be a year since my request to deliver my gold cards to my home address in NC.

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