What is Karatbars all about 2020 (for success-oriented)


You can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want


After reading this page, you will understand what Karatbars is all about.

Karatbars offers common people an opportunity to:


Exchange paper money for GOLD money


Earn by sharing this opportunity with other people!


What is Karatbars all about

Have you got what it takes?

Have you got a strong desire to reach financial freedom, strong belief that you can do it, time, and a positive happy mindset?

If yes, then the info presented below could be your turning point! Get ready.



The world’s problem and how Karatbars is solving it (22 min)



  • In 1971 the US president Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the Gold Standard

  • Since then the endless printing of fiat currency has weakened the world’s economy (due to inflation and debt)


  • Every crisis provides opportunities (yes, that includes the events around Coronavirus too!)

  • With Karatbars you can position yourself on the right side of ANY economic crisis

Karatbars is solving the world’s financial problem one person at a time.

Watch the video below and experience the moment of epiphany!



Educate yourself and act (26 min)

Do you want an even better understanding of what is happening with today’s financial system?

Watch Episode 1 of the The Hidden Secrets of Money (educational series by Mike Maloney).


Mike Maloney is:

  • Financial historian and educator

  • An author of the best precious metals investment book of all time: Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

Episode 1. Money vs Currency (must-watch!)

Watch other episodes of The Hidden Secrets of Money here.

Or if you think you got it, continue reading.



Karatbars gold is the solution to the problem (15 min)


1. Internationally recognized 999.9 gold

  • Gold comes in affordable 0.1 gram, 0.2 gram, 0.4 gram, 0.6 gram, 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 3 gram, 5 gram, and 6 gram weights

  • So, virtually anyone can afford it

2. Gold-backed KBC cryptocurrency (utility coin)

KBC (KaratGold Coin) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency backed by gold.

In addition to gold bars, KBC is one of the core products of Karatbars.


3. Gold-backed unival stablecoin (UNV) 


How exactly do you benefit from Karatbars gold and cryptocurrency?

Watch the video below:



Why Karatbars gold is one of a kind


  • Karatbars gold is LBMA accredited

  • Karatbars gold carries 3 security features!

  • Karatbars gold is internationally recognized

  • Karatbars gold is issued privately and non-seizable under the current International Bullion Laws



Karatbars gold: Gold cards and cashgold


Gold cards

1 gram, 2.5 gram, and 5 gram gold cards

What is Karatbars opportunity all about?

1 gram, 3 gram, and 6 gram gold cards



Karatbars small gold bars. Secure as Kaspersky. Beautiful as you on your weekends

0.1 gram, 0.2 gram, 0.4 gram, and 0.6 gram cashgold


Karatbars was found by a German Senator

Karatbars International is a German e-commerce company with an affiliate marketing component.

The company was established in 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany by a German Senator Harald Seiz.

Karatbars other offices are in Bangladesh, Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Slovenia and Spain.

With Karatbars you can change your life for the better! For that you need a strong desire to succeed, a strong belief in sucess, time, and a happy positive mindset 🙂



Karatbars is for common people (3 min)

In this video, common people from all over the world share what Karatbars and Harald Seiz mean to them!



Compensation plan like no other  (15 min)

Karatbars Compensation plan is one of the most generous on the planet (if not the most generous).

With Karatbars you can get paid 6 times per months!

To learn how to create an online income with Karatbars, the video below is a must-watch.

Watch it now, it’s only 15 minutes:



Create a financially independent life with Karatbars!

Start saving in gold

Start earning commissions

Open your FREE account today

I am there nearly 24/7 to guide and support you.



Got a question or confused about something?

Let me know below 🙂 Or email me at mivaniuk@shaw.ca.



  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to know i am leaving in Dubai (UAE) as per the company promised they will deliver GOLD ATM in SEP or OCT but still there is any information about this kindly let us know when we will be able to change 100 KBC with 1 gram of GOLD.

    Thank you

    • Margarita

      Hi Muhammad,

      Placing ATMs (CEMs) around the world including Dubai will take time.

      If you want to speed the appearance of CEM in Dubai, if you are (or one of your friends) is a shop owner buy it and put it in your shop (you make 4% of every withdrawal). If you distribute the cost among other Karatabars affiliates that you know it will be easier on your budget.

      Or you mean you already bought a CEM machine and it wasn’t delivered to you?

      p.s. You will be able to exchange KBC to gold again starting Jan 15: https://freewithgold.com/how-to-convert-kbc-to-gold-a-whole-process

  2. Sahina Brown

    Where can I find a CEM machine close to my location USA zip code 10977. Or, can I buy a CEM machine? If so, what’s the price and how long to delivery and is the flow of cash gold guarantied?

    • Margarita

      Hi Sahina,

      In USA there are two CEM locations that I know of (there may be more obviously).

      1. One is just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota
      2. The other is in Little Rock, Arkansas

      The exact locations are not known for the above two.

      As you can imagine, the locations are kept more private, because everyone still wants to exchange their QR codes for cashgold (and many people got LOTS of QR codes).

      The CEM locator is still coming in the future…


      Yes, you can buy CEM.

      The price of CEM + 5000€ CashGold is 12,900.00 €.


      To buy CEM:

      1. Go to your Karatbars backoffice
      2. Click ‘Product purchase’
      3. Scroll down to ‘Technology’
      4. Click on ‘CEM + 5000€ CashGold’ and go though a purchase process.

      See CEM purchase details here.


      I’m not sure how long delivery of CEM or cashgold takes.

      As far as I know, probably, the flow of cashgold is not guaranteed.

      I know that because in my home town there is CEM in a coffeshop and they are still waiting for the second (or third) round of gold, which is about about 4-5 months now.

      At the same time, cashgold delivery also probably depends on an owner’s preferences too.

      So, ‘no cashgold’ situation may not be necessary true for every owner.

      If you want, I can give you contact info of that CEM owner and you can ask him specific questions.

      Sending you luck with your cashgold and CEM hunting 😉

  3. Margarita

    Hi Sahina,

    Yes, Please send me CEM owner’s contact info.

    I’ll email the contact to you.

    Here are tips and techniques for new CEM owners.

    Also. When will the ability o generate QR codes on the new KBC happen, and , what will be the exchange rate of KBC to a gram of gold?

    The direct exchange of KBC to gold ended in December.

    Now, we have the Goldminer now, which allows to earn gold for your 75 KBC (if you have a team).

    Have yourself an exciting day 🙂

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