Impulse K1 phone cost? The cost is technically zero

*Please see up-to-date article here. The offer below is no longer valid*


I look at this promotion as if the cost of Impulse K1 Phone is zero. That’s because you are getting nearly 3X of value on top when purchasing the phone.

Now, you WILL have to pay at least 1,250 euros to get the phone. But read on to see why you are getting this phone technically for free. 

At the moment, you can get the Impulse K1 phone only when purchasing Impulse K1 Package. For that you need to register with Karatbars as an affiliate or customer. If you are not yet registered, register here.


Let’s see what’s exactly in each Impulse K1 Package

Each Impulse K1 Packages contains 4 different things:

1. Impulse K1 phone (around 1,200 euros when the phone is on the market)

2. Gold-backed KCB cryptocurrency worth the amount you paid for the package.

    • For example, Impulse K1 Package #1 is 1,250 euros. So you get 1,250 euros worth of KCB coins on top (1,250 euros).

3. Gold-backed KCB cryptocurrency bonus. KCB bonus ranges from 80% to 120% depending on the Impulse K1 Package.

    • For example, Impulse K1 Package #1 offers a 80% KCB bonus on top (1,000 euros).

4. Business Package. Depending on the Impulse K1 package, the Business Package is either Silver, Gold, or VIP.

    • For example, an Impulse K1 Package #1 gives you a Silver Business Package on top.

    • Silver Business Package is priced at 708 euros, so another 708 euros on top. (The price depends on the price of gold, so may vary slightly).

    • A Business Package allows you to earn commissions.


Here is why you are getting the phone technically for free

When you add the prices of above 4 things (1200 euros + 1,250 euros + 1,000 euros + 708 euros) you get 4188 euros.

Now you can see that when you get an Impulse K1 Package #1, for example, you pay only 1,250 euros. BUT you get 2,938 euros of value on top! Nearly 3X of value on top!

This (3X of value on top) goes for Impulse K1 Package #2, Impulse K1 Package #3, and Impulse K1 Package #4.

To conclude, since you are getting 3X of value on top when purchasing an Impulse K1 Package, you are getting Impulse K1 phone technically for free.



See the benefits of Impulse K1 here


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What is Impulse K1 phone cost?

To get the Impulse K1 phone, you will need to pay at least 1250 euros (about $1,250).
However, because you are getting nearly 3X of value on top when purchasing the Impulse Package, technically you are getting the phone for free. See the explanation here.
Note, this promotion is valid only until December 15, 2019.


    • Margarita

      Hi Frans,

      There are no more Impulse K1 Packages (including #4).

      If you want to buy Impulse K1 phone, go to your Karatgold backoffice, then go to ‘Product purchase’ and click ‘Technology’ and you will see Impulse K1 phone there.

      Enjoy your weekends 🙂

  1. Yoan

    Hi everyone,I m selling the phones only for Panama or United States citizens. -30 % than prices market!!!! Sealed in box.For more information you can write to me email or WhatsApp +53 54826521. Have a good day.

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