1. Christo van Rensburg

    Hi Margerita god afternoon, I am Christo vanRensburg from South Africa and I wants to exchange some of my KBC Coins for Cash. How many Bitcoins and How much Cach in Rands value will I get out more or less, please.

    • Margarita


      For demonstration purposes, in this tutorial I did everything I describe in the above tutorial except the last step (hitting the ‘Withdarw now’ button).

      I may transfer more KCB to NDAX and then withdraw to my bank account later.

      Just double check that your local exchange account provides cash (which is your local fiat currency) for Bitcoin. In other words, in that account you need to be able to sell Bitcoin for South African Rand.

      Much abundance 🙂

  2. Riaan

    Afternoon Margarita

    I have 1608 kcb so how can i withdraw that amount because i don’t have the minimum of 24000 for BTC withdrawal.

    Thank you

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