1. Frank Thompson

    I just heard about this yesterday. Im trying to create an account at the karatbit exchange and the site will not show up? the page wont load? How do I create an account then?

  2. Alvin Dillon

    I have always had my KBC coins on Karatbit Exchange so I was under the impression that the two were already linked is that not so?

    • Margarita

      Hey Alvin,

      It depends when you opened your Karatbit account…

      In the past you could log in into Karatbit account with your Karatbars login and password.

      So, maybe this way they were getting automatically linked.

      However, even if you did you opened your Karatbit account a while ago, make sure to double check that your accounts are indeed linked.

      Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I linked my accounts karatbit and karatbars two days ago however my kcb has not yet been reflected in my karatbit account and I am unable to reach their staff through any of the support lines they supplied online. I double checked my linked accounts to confirm it is correctly linked already. I am not sure what to do since I need to change kcb to kbc by the 4th of january or else will lose out. Does anyone else have this issue ? Please help.

        • Margarita

          Hi Jack,

          Please give it more days for Karatbars staff to transfer the coins to your Karatbit account.

          It’s common among Karatbars affiliates and customers not to have coins transferred for a while.


          However, if Karatbars staff doesn’t transfer your coins by Jan 1, call them.

          If you live in Canada or US use this phone number: +1 224 829 00 47. For English press 2.

          *English support is open: Monday โ€“ Saturday: 9am โ€“ midnight CET

          If you live in the European Union use this phone number: +49 (0) 711 128 970 00. For German, Spanish or French, press 1.

          *Support in these languages is open: Monday โ€“ Thursday: 9.30am โ€“ 12.30pm & 1.30pm โ€“ 6pm CET. Friday: 9.30am โ€“ 12.30pm & 1.30pm โ€“ 4pm.

          Should all be good ๐Ÿ™‚ Merry Christmas!

  3. josef

    i already linked my karatbit to karatbars, and if i want to link it again it says “user already linked” but in karatbars says ” karatbit ID not linked”
    my coins were not transferred, please help me

    • Margarita

      Hi Josef,

      Did you log in and log out of your Karatbars account?

      If you did and it still says “karatbit ID not linked”, clear your cookies.

      Also, are you sure that you’re linking a correct Karatbit account to a correct Karatbars account?

      Some people have a couple Karatbit and Karatbars accounts (I do). Linked those that have the same email addresses.

      Do above steps and let me know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

      Much success in 2020!

      • josef

        yes i made everything correct. I also have more than one account and everywhere i did the same, i have only with one account this problem. I already deleted cookies, log in- log out, controlled the account, everything should be okay. I wrote to the support ( karatbars/karatbit both) but they need 1 year to answer. Do you know maybe how much time do i have? i mean until 4th January should be all accounts linked?

        • Margarita

          Hi again Josef,

          Okay. Did you try to do the linking on someone’s else computer/smartphone (or on a public one in the library)?

          Call Karatbars tomorrow at +1 224 829 00 47 (Canada or US) or +49 (0) 711 128 970 00 (EU and UK) and tell them about the problem.

          Yes, according to the latest news, by January 4, 2020, the linking and the exchange of KCB to KBC must be done (if you want to go with option 1).

          On the other hand, if Karatbit is slow in responding, then it’s out of your control.

          Due to the fact that so many people are getting slow responses from Karatbit, there is a chance that this deadline may be extended.

          What I’m certain of is, you won’t lose your coins, and if you want to exchange KCB to KBC, you will have a chance to do it.

          So, call Karatbars tomorrow and let’s see how it goes.

          Cheer up, all will be beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Anonymous

    I am also not getting assistance as my karatbit account says already linked and karatbars says not linked. The respond from the karatbars team is not promising. The worst is I have been comnunicating from 11 December and was told the team will move the tokens if the worst happen. The two options were not explained by then.

    • Margarita


      If Karatbars account says โ€˜not linkedโ€™ but Karatbit account says โ€˜linkedโ€™, try to clear your cookies to reflect the changes.

      The Jan 4th deadline just got extended, so you have 10 more days!

      If you still have issues, please give Karatbars a call and explain the situation: +1 224 829 00 47 (Canada or US) or +49 (0) 711 128 970 00 (EU and UK).

      Expect what you always wanted in 2020 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • josef

        hey there again!
        my problem solved in a mysterious way. I called them all day (no answer) but i wanted to try it once more before they take my call. And it worked. Somehow i could link it , the same way i tried before 100 times. I think they resetted maybe my account connection with problem, then i could link it once more. Maybe try again simple. When not then i wish you luck for the calls … ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Margarita

          Hi Josef, well done, thank you for letting know.

          This may help other people here.

          Karatbars is working on their support system. So, the amount of time you wait on the phone and wait for the email should improve in the near future.

          Much success ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Margarita

            Hi Josef,

            I see there is a new KBC to CashGold promotion in the โ€˜Latest Newsโ€™ section. Check it out!

            Iโ€™ll soon a publish a post on this (subscribe to the newsletter to get it to your inbox; on the right).

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