How to buy IMpulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)


Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to buy Impulse K1 phone in your Karatbars backoffice. The directions are so detailed that even a 5-year-old can buy the phone!

Although to get the phone you will need to pay at least 1,250 euros ($1,250), see this explanation why, technically, you are getting the phone for free.


Okay, here are steps on buying Impulse K1 phone

1. First register with Karatbars here.

2. Before you can purchase Impulse K1 phone (or anything) from Karatbars, you will need to upload 2 pieces of KYC documents:

    • The 1st document should be a proof of ID. It should be a valid government-issued ID with a matching name, a clear picture in color, and the date of birth. Examples are: Passport, driver’s license or any other government ID.

    • The 2nd document should be a proof of address. It should clearly reflect your name, address and date. Examples are: Gas bill, phone bill or bank statement. Your proof of address should not be older than 6 months. Envelopes, screenshots and online bills cannot be accepted.

NOTE:  You must provide a picture of you holding the above two IDs. This extra step was done to create an additional layer of security. Make sure your face is visible and your IDs are readable! This new rule came into effect on Aug 29, 2019.

3. Once your KYC gets approved (takes about 24 hours), login into your Karatbars backoffice and click ‘Switch to Karatgold’ at the very top (Screenshot #1 below).

4. When in Karatgold office, hover over ‘Product Purchase’ and select ‘Impulse K1 Phone’ (Screenshot #2). You will be taken to a page with the list of Impulse K1 Packages available (Screenshot #3).

How to buy Impulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)

Screenshot #1


How to buy Impulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)

Screenshot #2


How to buy Impulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)

Screenshot #3


Which Impulse K1 Package to choose? Read below to decide

Also, just as a reminder, Impulse K1 Phone comes in 3 different colours: army, carbon and gold. See the pictures at the bottom of this page. You can select the colour of your phone after choosing a package.

  • There are 4 different Impulse K1 Packages: 

    • Impulse K1 Package #1 is 1250 euros (smallest)

    • Impulse K1 Package #2 is 1,750 euros

    • Impulse K1 Package #3 is 2,500 euros

    • Impulse K1 Package #4 is 4,000 euros (biggest)

  • Each Impulse K1 Package contains 4 different things:

1. Impulse K1 phone (around 1,200 euros when the phone is on the market).

2. Gold-backed KCB cryptocurrency worth the amount you paid for the package.

      • For example, Impulse K1 Package #1 is 1,250 euros. So you get 1,250 euros worth of KCB coins on top (1,250 euros). Note, 1 KCB is priced at 0.14 euros ($0.15).

3. Gold-backed KCB cryptocurrency bonus. KCB bonus ranges from 80% to 120% depending on the Impulse K1 Package.

      • For example, Impulse K1 Package #1 offers a 80% KCB bonus on top (1,000 euros).

      • Note: On September 18, KCB and KCB bonuses were removed from the descriptions of Impulse K1 Packages. However, everything stays the same as I describe in this article. To see a KCB bonus for each Impulse K1 Package, check “KCB and KCB bonuses in Impulse K1 Packages” table at the very bottom of this page.

4. Business Package. Depending on the Impulse K1 Package, a Business Package is either Silver, Gold, or VIP.

      • For example, an Impulse K1 Package #1 gives you a Silver Business Package on top. (Silver Business Package is priced at 708 euros. The price varies slightly with the price of gold since there is a small amount of gold inside the package)

      • Note: Business Package allows you to earn commissions.


If you add the prices of above 4 things: (1,200 euros + 1,250 euros + 1,000 euros + 708 euros), you get 4,188 euros.

So, when you get, for example, Impulse K1 Package #1, you pay only 1,250 euros BUT you get 2,938 euros of value on top. Nearly 3X of value on top!

The same (3X of value on top) goes for Impulse K1 Package #2, Impulse K1 Package #3 and Impulse K1 Package #4.


For example, here is a screenshot of Impulse K1 Package #1 (Screenshot #4)


After choosing Impulse K1 Package

  1. After choosing an Impulse K1 Package, click on ‘Checkout’ at the bottom.

  2. Check all three boxes in ‘Step 1 Terms and Conditions’ section and click ‘Next’.

  3. Skip ‘Step 2 Bonus card options’, since it doesn’t apply to this particular transaction. Just click ‘Next’ (This only applies when you buy a business package or set up a gold autosave).

  4. In ‘Step 3 Shipping options’, check the box ‘I agree to the transfer of my data to the logistics partner’.

  5. In ‘Step 4 Payment options’, choose your preferred method of payment. Choose either ‘KaratPay Payment’ or ‘Credit Card / Debit Card / SOFORTüberweisung (nur D A CH’ or ‘K-Merchant Payment (BTC / ETH)’.

  6. On the same page below, check the box next to ‘Please read the message below and check the check-box in order to continue’

  7. Then click ‘Pay Now’.

  8. If the transaction is successful, you will be taken to the ‘Order Confirmation’ page.


Have questions? Leave them below or email me at 🙂


How to buy Impulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)

Carbon Impulse K1 Phone

How to buy Impulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)

Gold Impulse K1 Phone

How to buy Impulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)

Army Impulse K1 Phone




How to buy Impulse K1 phone (tutorial with screenshots)

KCB and KCB bonuses in Impulse K1 Packages




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