How much are Centropix products? (Bubble, Cocoon, Kloud)

How much are Centropix products?

Centropix carries three products: Bubble, Kloud, and Cocoon

Bubble – 890 USD
A pendant. Protects you from harmful EMF (including 5G) on the go

Kloud – 4990 USD
Two ‘mats’. Balances and recharges your molecules

Cocoon – 3690 USD
(Compact; a size of a router). Protects your entire home from EMF (including 5G)


*Cocoon, Bubble or Kloud are proven to work with scientific testing.


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  1. kristi matthews

    My Bubble shows a red light when charging is complete, then 6 or so rapid green flashes immediately upon unplugging, returning to the 10 second rhythm shortly after. I find the charge duration from that session is severely depleted, too. Is this a resolvable situation or is this a symptom leading toward performance failure? Thank you for your prompt reply, Kristi Matthews

    • Margarita

      Hey Kristi,

      When charging is complete the green light should be flashing (not red).
      The red indicates that it’s out of charge.
      It should take about 2 hours to charge it and the charge lasts 2-4 weeks.
      It sounds like your Bubble got a technical issue.

      Please email Jimmy from Centropix customer support, communicate the issue, and ask him what should be done about it.
      “Jimmy (Support)”

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