Gold standard monetary system & Coronavirus / Covid 19

There is a possibility of the gold standard monetary system in the near future.

The US dollar ceased to be backed by gold in 1971.
The US dollar is longer strong (for years now) and its collapse is inevitable.
When the dollar becomes obsolete doesn’t really matter.
What matters is how to prepare for that.
The new financial system topic has been hot in the last decade.
It’s not something to be scared of, on the opposite, something to look forward to.
New financial systems don’t pop in the period of a few months, of course.
The scene for the one that is coming has been progressing for decades.
And the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ is a trigger, not the cause.
A switch to a new, more stable, financial system is a natural process that happens when countries dilute the value of their money (by printing currency or by adding low-value metals to gold and silver coinage). 
A switch to a new monetary system is ultimately the fate of ANY fiat currency.
If you want to know why the switch to a new financial system is inevitable watch the Hidden Secrets of Money series.


3 things we know for certain

Gold standard monetary system & Coronavirus / Covid 19

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Watch the short May 21 video on this topic.


Gold! You got it!

One of the key ways to prepare for a new financial system is to invest in gold.

Whether you get gold from local or online dealers or Karatbars is a matter of choice.

I’d suggest Karatbars gold because it comes in small weight, carries 3 security features, recognized internationally, and there are no fees to acquire it regularly. 

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Robert Kiyosaki advice

You’ve heard about Robert Kiyosaki.

He in an expert on personal finance and investing. 

Learn from him!

Once you learn, act on his suggestions.

Watch the replay of the webinar he did on May 21 (yesterday):

Protect & increase your wealth in uncertain times.

The topics covered are:

  • Create Residual income

  • Accumulate Appreciating Assets

  • Outrun Inflation

  • Maximize the Advantages of the tax code



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