G999: KBC to G999 Migration Steps (& Video)

In this post you will find steps on how to migrate KBC to V999.

Plus general overview on V999 and the migration steps in the video form.


How to migrate KBC to V999


1. Move all KBC to Karatbit by November 14th

See tutorial here.

Note: After Nov 14th KBC will not be usable.


2. In your Karatbit account, place all KBC into Migration

See tutorial here.

The deadline for the reduction formula is done, all KBC that is left we have to migrate.


3. Set up G999 wallets

Before generating a Migration code, set up a G999 wallet.

There are 2 wallets to choose from: Desktop wallet and Web wallet.

1. Tutorial on Desktop Wallet (CORE Wallet)

2. Tutorial on Web Wallet
(Use this WebWallet link)


***Node holders, do this

On Karatbit, make sure to lock Nodes with a Migration code approval.


5. Register for GSTrade Exchange


6. Migrate KBC from Karatbit to GSTrade


Overview video on G999 and Things to Do

Hosted by incredible Nitsa Nakos!!




If you have any questions, please leave them below 🙂


References: https://synergygoldgroup.com/#events

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