FREE Centropix BUBBLE: 15 days left

Centropix devices attract animals.

See cat nibbling BUBBLE, Husky calmly lays under KLOUD, cat joining KLOUD session.

We can make our own conclusions.

15 days left to get a FREE Centropix BUBBLE

Until August 31, there are THREE ways to get a free BUBBLE.

You get free BUBBLE when you buy:

1. August 2023 Pro Pack Promo
2. August 2023 KLOUD Complete System Promo
3. August 2023 KLOUD Complete & Vet Set Promo

Follow this link to learn more about the bundles

Still not quite sure why choose Centropix devices?

Attend the call today in 3 hours to learn WHY choose  KLOUD, BUBBLE and COCOON.

5:30 pm PST  
6:30 pm MST
7:30 pm CST
8:30 pm EST

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