Free BUBBLE Offers: Today Is The Last Day!

Today is the last day to take advantage of the free BUBBLE offers.

You get a free BUBBLE when you buy any of the three bundles below:

1. August 2023 Pro Pack Promo
2. August 2023 KLOUD Complete System Promo
3. August 2023 KLOUD Complete & Vet Set Promo

BUBBLE is a 24/7 EMF protection device.

Follow this link to buy one of the bundles.

Returns? Warranty?

For sure.

Return policy on Centropix products is 30 days.

There is Original Manufacture’s Warranty (3 years) and Centropix Extended Warranty (2 years).



Click here to apply for Centropix financing.
There is no risk or obligation.

Interest rates start from 4.99%



See how COCOON, BUBBLE, and KLOUD work for other people

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