FAQ on the Impulse K1 Package & the phone

Here are several thoughtful questions and their answers on the Impulse K1 Package & the blockchain phone

1. Does Impulse K1 Blockchain Phone give access to the Internet like any other smartphone?

Yes, it does.

Impulse K1 Phone works on both, satellite connection and wireless.

So, it means that you can do light browsing even in most remote areas on the planet using satellite connection.

Note: Because data has to travel long distances to satellite and back when browsing you may have a problem with latency.

What’s latency?

You know when sometimes your mouse responds to your commands with delay? 🙂 That’s an example of latency.

*Now, when you are around wireless or Wi-Fi you can turn ‘on’ wireless capability and use your Impulse K1 Phone like any other smartphone!
2. Would I be able to trade KCB on the market once I purchase the Impulse K1 Phone Package?
Once you purchase one of Impulse K1 packages, KCB automatically will be added to your Karatbars account (you will see that reflected in your Dashboard).
KCB IS NOT going to be tradeable immediately since KCB  is not yet on exchanges. 
Note, that KCB is going to be merged with KBC sometimes this month to become Gold Standard Coin, GSC. See the annoucement here.
Then the GSC will run on Karatbars’ own blockchain and exchange & other world exchanges after which GSC WILL become tradeable.
What’s the price of GSC going to be? I just posted on this topic recently (scroll to Question 3).
3. How the phones are being paid for if they are given away essentially free? 
Yes, since you are getting 3X of value on top when buying Impulse K1 package, it seems like the company is giving away too much stuff.
That’s the very thing people admire Harald Seiz for (the founder of Karatbars) – his generosity. 
Yet, the company won’t only suffer but will gain from these giveaways.
You know the Law of Nature? Give and you will receive a hundredfold in return!
4. How is company making on the Impulse K1 Packages if you are getting 3X of value on top? People could be selling their phones and KCB back once both are available for public to purchase…
Yes, that’s possible. People who need money or don’t believe in the future of KCB would do that probably.
However, if you believe that KCB is going to be $1-10,000 at some point in the future, you wouldn’t want to sell it. It all comes down to your mindset.
5. Is Impulse K1 phone compatible with the common apps?
Yes, the phone is compatible with all iOS and Android apps.
To see other technical details of Impulse K1 Phone, see this brochure. (The brochure is also available in your Karatbars backoffice in ‘Downloads’ under ‘General’)