EMF can make us look older

Harmful EMFs, especially 5G, can make us look older than we are.

Due to to cellular stress that harmful EMFs cause.

Personally, I look my age or OLDER when I am in 5G-covered area and spend little time in nature.


Top picture:

Taken at the place where 5G signals come up about 30% of time and I got about 1 hour of just countryside the day before (not forest).

Picture taken about 4 months ago. Just turned 32. I do look 32 (or older).

The opposite is also true.

When there is no 5G coverage / EMF source, we can look way younger.


Bottom picture:

Taken at the place where there were no 5G signals at the time and I spent about 2-3 hours in REAL nature (remote pine forest and vineyards).

Just turned 30. I think I look 16 here.


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