Discover the Benefits of Centropix COCOON on Saturdays

Are you enthusiastic about the prospect of COCOON safeguarding your home from unwanted EMF exposure?

Have you shared the news about COCOON with your friends or family members?

Are they as excited as you are?

Every Saturday at 12pm EST, you have the opportunity to hear directly from the pioneers of COCOON.

Join us at 12 pm EST this Saturday to delve into the world of COCOON’s protective technology (link below)

Feel free to forward this email to any friends or family who share your interest in COCOON!

(Note: Following the Centropix tech session, there is an optional business training, which you may choose to attend.)


Just a quick reminder:

COCOON effectively shields homes from EMF within a 25-meter diameter (82 feet).

And, until December 1st, 2023:

You can take advantage of a special offer—save $1,190 on your COCOON purchase and receive 10 complimentary cards.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your home’s protection!



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