Cryptocurrency training event on November 10 in Calgary

Zoltan presenting at the Cardel Theater in Calgary

Last Friday event with Zoltan had elements of excitement and the feeling that something big should be coming (as all events of this nature). The theater was full.

Now, if you would like to learn the hands-on info on:

  • Blockchain
  • Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • KaratCoinBank coin (KCB) that is backed by GOLD (and how you can benefit from it). To familiarize yourself with KaratCoinBank coin, watch this video or go here.

Zoltan and Robin (a successful Karatbars member who I got to know a couple years ago) will be sharing their practical knowledge on these topics on November 10 (Saturday) in Calgary.


Cardel Theatre
180 Quarry Park Blvd S.E.
Calgary Alberta T2C 3G3


9:00 am – 4:30 pm

$100 for one ticket

$120 for a pair of tickets (bring a new prospect or a member of your team)

{Includes lunch and the presentation as a Apple Keynote file or PDF for Android or Windows}
Order tickets here:
The password is karatbank.
Here you can learn more about this event.


Refunds up to 7 days prior to the event minus $10.00 administration fees.


A few words from Robin Costelloe:

It has been a while, over 18 months, since I took a “Break” from KaratBars business. I got into Bitcoin when it became Legal tender in Japan (World’s 3rd largest economy) on April 1, 2017.

Bitcoin went from $1,100 to $24,000 in 10 months and I rode the wave all the way to the top and did very well. During that time I had the good fortune to meet with some incredibly knowledgeable people in the CryptoCurrency market and increased my Crypto Portfolio to include other CryptoCurrencies.

Then in February 2018 someone informed me about KaratBars and KaratBank [To learn more about KaratCoin Bank go here. Or watch this video] launching a CryptoCurrencyBACKED BY GOLD. Unbelievable. I jumped in immediately and simply exchanged Bitcoin for KBC (KaratBankCoin).

KaratCoin Bank opened its doors for business on July 4 (American Independence day) in Miami becoming THE FIRST LICENSED CRYPTO BANK IN THE WORLD and is now offering KCB, KaratCoinBank Cryptocurrency.

As I mentioned earlier I have had the good fortune to learn a lot about Bitcoin and the Crypto market and now is the time for us to share that knowledge with you.

I have been asked if Zoltan is a member with Karatbars a few times now. The answer is yes, he definitely is. I sponsored him a few weeks ago. He came on board because of the KCB Cryptocurrency that KaratCoinBank in Miami has just released.

We have both been working together to develop awesome presentations that are FULL of knowledge regarding Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency, Blockchain as well as updates on KaratBars and KaratBank CashGold the the two Crypto coins KBC & KCB.

When the ETF regulation goes through a MASSIVE movement of FIAT currency from the Derivatives, market will flow into the Crypto market in short order.

Again, if you missed Bitcoin go from $1,100 in April of 2017 to $24,000 by December 2017 don’t miss the next move that will occur once the ETF regulation is passed by the SEC. This next move will be massive and include $Trillions.

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