Centropix KLOUD Vs Other PEMF Devices

What distinguishes Centropix KLOUD from other PEMF devices?
KLOUD uses an improved version of PEMF signal – PEMA signal (developed in 2020).
While other PEMF devices use PEMF signal (developed in 1998).
PEMA signal is simply more advanced.
As a result, PEMA signal activates almost all molecules, while PEMF just some molecules in your body.

So what does it mean?


PEMA signal benefits

With PEMA signal there is:

  • Greater reduction in stress. Potentially complete elimination

  • Greater improvement in the quality of sleep. Potentially to the point of optimal sleep

  • More energy. Potentially to the point of optimal energy

  • Greater reduction in biological age. Potentially to the point of decades off


Watch this video to understand the difference




Follow this link to learn more and purchase KLOUD



p.s. You can use KLOUD on pets and horses


Stay blessed 

Margarita, B.Sc.Biol

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