Centropix Compensation Plan

Centropix Compensation Plan…. in short.

Are you excited about Centropix anti-5G Bubble, Cocoon and Kloud?

If yes, you may consider sharing the devices with the world and potentially make an income.

People who have been in network marketing industry for decades say Centropix Compensation Plan is a REVOLUTIONARY Compensation Plan.


4 key differences

Between Centropix Compensation Plan and 90% of Compensation Plans out there:

1. Substantial commissions of up to 30%

2. Robust income with an active small team

3. No monthly quotas

4. With a strong team, bonuses go to infinity (residual income)

To learn more about Centropix Compensation Pan, watch the video I recently made:



Become Centropix affiliate

To become Centropix affiliate go here


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    • Margarita

      Oh thank you Lindiwe!
      Stay blessed forever with wealth and bliss.
      How does Centropix comp plan sound for you?

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