Home or office located in 5G area?

Familiar with BUBBLE, but not COCOON?

COCOON is kind of a bigger version of BUBBLE!

Meaning, it’s field of EMF protection is bigger.

It covers the area of 82 feet in diameter (25 m)!

COCOON can be used in home, clinics, offices, gyms, vet clinics, spas.

Now, not only COCOON protects from EMF…

… You can insert one of 10 frequency cards, like “regeneration” and “sleep well”, and enjoy the corresponding benefits.

When you buy COCOON  in Pro Pack, you get a free BUBBLE.

Note:  Only until August 31.


Reminder, there are also 2 other ways you can get a free BUBBLE

You get free BUBBLE when you buy:

KLOUD Complete System Promo or
KLOUD Complete & Vet Set Promo


Attend the call today in 2 hours to learn about COCOON.

5:30 pm PST  
6:30 pm MST
7:30 pm CST
8:30 pm EST

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