Centropix Cocoon (Home 5G protection)

Read this article or watch the video below to learn about Centropix Cocoon.
  • What is Cocoon?
  • How to use Cocoon.
  • The benefits of the 10 frequency cards.
Are you looking for EMF protection for your entire home?

Yourself, spouse, children, pets and even guests when they come over?
You are in the right place.


What is Cocoon?

Cocoon is world’s first frequency regulator device for homes.
Cocoon is very similar to Bubble but instead of protecting just your body it protects your entire home.
It actually sends neutralizing wave that is 40 feet (12 m) long in each direction.

Like Bubble it protects from harmful electromagnetic frequencies coming from laptops, phones, any kind of electrical devices, electrical wiring, cell towers.

And of course, it also protects from 5G technology.
Cocoon is also designed to neutralize any geopathic stress:
So if there are any pipes or sewage system or any kind of tunnels under your home that will be neutralized as well.
(Sometimes it takes up one month to neutralize frequencies that are coming from underground).


How to use Cocoon

Cocoon is very compact. It’s got a size of a wi-fi router or a laptop.

Like Bubble, Cocoon is very easy to operate.

You just turn it ‘on’ on the back of the device and plug it into the wall.
Cocoon comes with 3 frequency cards.

There are slots in the Cocoon where you can insert those cards.

  • The third one is Hawaiian comfort. So, they basically recorded one of the frequencies in one of the islands in Hawaii.


You actually don’t have to insert the cards into Cocoon itself. 

You can just put them on top! That’s because Cocoon is an amplifier.
In fact, if you don’t want a specific frequency to be expressed by Cocoon, you have to keep that card at least 7 feet away (2 meters) from Cocoon.

If you want, there are also 7 other frequencies that are available for purchase.

You can use all 10 frequency cards.
But remember when you first get your Cocoon – go slow. Don’t put all 10 frequency cards in your Cocoon.

Because you can put them all on top and they all will be expressed!

(Some people have reported that they indeed used 10 cards at the same time and it was just too much)
So, when you get your Cocoon just use 1 or 2 cards at the beginning.
And as time goes by you can maybe build it up to 5 or 6 cards.
Note: Some of those frequencies actually have opposing functions. So, you may want to use them separately. For example, Relax and Regeneration & Sports and Fitness.
Please see those other 7 frequencies and corresponding benefits below.

7 frequencies cards and their benefits

1. Concentration – helps with cognitive functions and focus
2. Relax & Regeneration – helps to relax and boost healing
3. Sport & Fitness – reduces recovery time and boosts performance
4. Food – helps keep food (and house plants) fresh
5. Animal – promotes wellbeing of pets
6. P-Frequency – reduces any discomfort in the body and promotes peace
7. I-Frequency – enhances innate processes in the body
It’s interesting what your friends or your family and your guests are going to say once they spend a little bit of time in your home… Whether they’ll see the difference or not.
Once you see significant changes in your wellbeing, share them with your friends or relatives.
Maybe go to back to Centropix website and leave a written review or video review.
Maybe post a video review on YouTube or Facebook.
This way you will not only help people be more healthier, you can also make money.
All you need for that is an affiliate membership (280 US dollars). See Centropix Compensation Plan here.
Happily enjoy using your Cocoon.

Reference: learnmore.centropix.com
Thank you Chitvan Malik.

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