Centropix anti-5G protection devices… coming to Canada

Centropix anti-5G protection devices… coming to Canada very soon. 

End of March – April.

That is, product shipment and business opportunity will be available to those with Canadian address.

(The products shipment and business opportunity is available in US and EU currently).

That’s anti-5G devices. For body and home.

I’ve sent email to the list about 2 months ago telling how I learned about this.

From a world-renowned health enthusiast Kevin Trudeau.

The email was sent to his club members and his supporters (one of them myself).


Proven to work with scientific testing

Centropix devices are for the body and home (entire apartment, house, any living space).

Kloud, Cocoon and Bubble. Learn more on Centropix website.
That’s an opportunity to invest in your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family. Invest big time.

There is also a business opportunity with Centropix. You can market products that you genuinely believe in.

Products are PROVEN TO WORK with actual scientific testing.


Many understand the benefits of 5G protection

Business opportunity is huge.

Firstly, commissions are GENEROUS.

Secondly, relatively easier to share:

That’s because a good portion of people UNDERSTAND the priceless benefits of being protected from 5G and other harmful frequencies.

Being protected 24/7.


The company is only 8 months old

Like Kevin Trudeau says, those who made VERY GOOD money in network marketing got in FIRST.


I’ve already sent an email to the list earlier asking who feels like this could be something exactly for them.

If you are reading this and super interested, sent me a couple words to mivaniuk@shaw.ca.

Enjoy the coming spring.


Centropix anti-5g protection devices

Centropix anti-5g protection devices



    • Margarita

      Hi David,

      Not yet. I know…I am in Canada too.

      I am planning to order one of the devices, so I will just use my sister’s US address and then she will mail it to me.

      So, if you have friends or relatives in US, you can get KLOUD this way 🙂

      Let me know if I can be of more assistance to you.

      Thank you,



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