Karatbars update: Got sold to US company

*UPDATE The company Karatbars was sold to is AcuaWellington I have contacted AcuaWellington multiple times, never received a responce.   Many people are asking about how to cash out their Karatbars investments. And I am happy to say –  finally there is an update on Karatbars! The below message I copied from V999 Telegram group. … [keep reading..]

Karatbars update Dec 25, 2021

On December 4th Harald Seiz sent an email to all customers and affiliates. Did you receive and have you read it? If you didn’t receive it or haven’t read it – I am copying it below for you. If you want your gold delivered or have commissions that are past due or anything else, please … [keep reading..]

Karatbars update 2021: Personal opinion

Many people are frustrated with Karatbars: Karatbit, QR codes, gold delivery, and other misworkings… (Personally, I am waiting to be able to order gold in Karatbars backoffice).   Here what I think about all that.What’s going with Karatbars is just how things are now. It’s not bad, nor good. There is nothing either good or … [keep reading..]

Karatbars December 15 Deadline: Update

Following up on the Dec 15 deadline extension… I contacted a Karatbars leader in my town. She is connected to the top leaders in Karatbars. Long story short:  Contrary to my expectation, the deadline won’t be extended. If you are one of those people who was not able to transfer coins or vouchers, I know … [keep reading..]

GSTrade, G999, BUNV FAQ

Several FAQ on GSTrade, G999 (KBC), etc.   What do with my Bonus Unival that are sitting in Karatbit? Convert them to KBC. Then generate migration code for them. Finally, migrate them to GSTrade.   Can’t get my KYC approved for 2 weeks. What can I do? Make sure all corners are seen AND everything … [keep reading..]

Karatbars Updates: December 2020

A reminder to migrate all KBC into GSTrade exchange.  The deadline date is December 15. Please see the process of migrating to GSTrade here (the directions are on the pop-up) And a couple recent questions: QUESTION: I have KYC problems…   A valid municipal bill doesn’t get approved…   I’d rather have my money back… … [keep reading..]