1. Mahir

    Brexit was a very close vote and half of the UK wanted to remain while the other half wanted to leave, it sure left a lot of families divided and some communities alienated but you’ve summarised all the background effects nicely and I salute you for that! I”m just curious, did you vote leave or remain, and what did your family and friends think of that?

  2. Simon

    I used to trade the commodity markets and gold would always jump vertically whenever uncertainty came to fruition, Brexit was certainly one of those.

    I’m from the UK and although we the public expected this result; the news, politicians and big business told a completely different story. People a quite frankly appalled with the way the European Commission, British politicians, big businesses and news channels operate. We live in such a selfish, greedy and fraudulent world where nothing is shared – trust has completely been lost.

    That’s the majority’s view regarding my local area. A lot of countries are represented by a similar un-trustful 50/50 shared vote. Sad times,

    • Margarita


      Appreciate for taking the time to leave your thoughts here.

      Yeah, agree. In the large picture, most of the western world has become a jungle, “survival of the fittest, so to say. Truth is either heavily modified or hidden.

      And “politician” almost became a synonym for “dishonesty”! Just a few seconds of browsing and I am seeing the article titled: “An honest politician? It’s not as impossible as you think”…

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