7 Frequency Cocoon Card Package (Centropix)

In this video you will learn about Centropix “7 Frequency Cocoon Card Package:

-What is it




7 frequencies cards and their benefits

1. Concentration – helps with cognitive functions and focus
2. Relax & Regeneration – helps to relax and boost healing
3. Sport & Fitness – reduces recovery time and boosts performance
4. Food – helps keep food (and house plants) fresh
5. Animal – promotes wellbeing of pets
6. P-Frequency – reduces any discomfort in the body and promotes peace
7. I-Frequency – enhances innate processes in the body
And 3 other frequency cards that come with a Cocoon
  1. E-smog – EMF protection and 5G protection

  2. Sleep – promotes good sleep

  3. Hawaiian comfort – Hawaiian wellbeing. The frequency is recorded on one of the islands in Hawaii 

Experiment with the cards.
Remember to go slow. Don’t put all 10 cards in a Cocoon at the same time.
I would suggest you gradually build it up 5-6 cards maximum.



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Margarita, B.Sc.Biol

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