6 Ways to Reduce EMF Health Effects Without Tech

In this article, you will learn six effective ways to reduce EMF effects without technology or special products.

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1. When sleeping unplug ALL electrical devices

Power strips are great for that.
Especially, make sure that you are not charging your phone while you sleep.

It’s best to keep your phone out of your bedroom for the night.

*Use regular alarm clock to wake up



2. Keep electronics at least 1 meters away from your body

When not using, keep electronics at least 1 meters away from your body.
That includes your phone, laptop, printers, TVs, etc.

3. Eat seaweed and French green clay

Introduce seaweed and French green clay into your diet.
Yep, you can eat clay.
Seaweed had been used in Japan even more after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Seaweed can reduce the ill effects of the extreme radioactivity.

While French green clay has been used in Ukraine after the explosion in Chernobyl.

The clay, actually, was put in chocolate bars.

If seaweed and French green clay can reduce radiation from uranium, you can be assured these can reduce less dangerous EMF frequencies coming from your electronic devices.



4. Eat antioxidant-rich foods every day

Include antioxidant-rich foods every day.
Such as reishi mushrooms, chlorella, spirulina, turmeric, ginger.

Antioxidants in these foods neutralize detrimental free radicals created by the EMFs.


5. Ground yourself every day

Just lay down on the ground on your back on any clean surface (gravel, grass, forest floor).

As long as you are making direct contact with earth you would be reducing the effects of EMF.

Swimming in natural water body and touching the bottom reduces EMF effects as well.



Keep your body as alkalized as possible.

The more alkalized your body is, the better your body can mitigate the effect of EMFs.

That is, eat as much as possible whole grains and pseudograins, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, greens, mushrooms, seaweed.

Choose organic as often as possible.
Drink biocompatible water, exercise, get out in nature every day, sun-gaze, meditate.

While on the other hand, reduce the amount of man-made foods:

Such as GMOs, artificial colouring flavourings, preservatives, processed foods.

If you do all the above..
… Not only you will significantly reduce the effects of EMF…
You will be one of the most vibrant and happiest people you know!
Margarita, B.Sc. Biol
Bliss and Opulence

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