2019 Karatbars Affiliate Compensation Plan explained (Dual Team)

2019 Karatbars Affiliate Compensation Plan explained (Dual Team)

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Here is 2019 Karatbars Affiliate Compensation Plan explained in details for you. I made it easy to understand.

Remember, that all Karatbars prices are in euros and by default you get paid in euros. But you can also choose to get paid in Bitcoin, gold or gold products.

Whether you are already registered with Karatbars or not, this article will help you understand the two main ways to get paid in Karatbars.

First, watch the video below. Skip to 10:46 and watch until 22:00 (Direct commission & Dual Team Bonus parts)

(If you want to see all ways  you can get paid in Karatbars watch the entire video)

* Brian McGinty is one of the earliest & most successful Karatbars affiliates


2 main ways to get paid: Dual Team Bonus and Direct Commission

There are two (2) main ways you can get paid. You can call it a Dual Team Compensation plan.

To participate in the Dual Team, you need to buy a Business Package.

There are four (4) different Business Packages. Below I list the packages and their November 1, 2019 prices.

  1. Bronze Business Package — costs €150

  2. Silver Business Package — costs €707.22

  3. Gold Business Package — costs €1509.44

  4. VIP Business Package — costs €3041.66

    • You can get 100 euros off VIP package (ask me for a discount)

Note: Cost of packages fluctuates slightly with gold prices because there is a little bit of gold inside each package.

Before going further:

  • There are five (5) other ways you can get paid with Karatbars. But the bulk of commissions comes from these two.

  • Also, you CAN earn commissions as a free affiliate (without buying a Business Package). To have regular commissions, people in your team need to purchase gold and other Karatbars products on the regular basis.

Okay, back to the Dual Team Compensation plan:

  • First of all, when somebody you introduce to Karatbars decides to join the company, whether they want to register as a customer or affiliate, they would need your Karatbars referral link. The easiest thing to do is to email them your referral link.

    • Find your referral links in your Karatbars backoffice (or Karatgold backoffice; depending what you are promoting).

  • Then you have to decide where you want to put them. There are two options. You can put them on your left leg or on your right leg (Screenshot #1).

Karatbars International Compensation Plan 2019


Screenshot #1


Karatbars has a dual system

Note, your left and right leg is a dual system.

It’s not a binary system as in regular multi-level marketing.

The difference? Accumulated units never flush — they stay there until you are paid on them!

Basically, being a Karatbars affiliate in some ways means doing marketing and sales. And like in all marketing and sales, you are compensated when people in your team purchase products.

In Karatbars, currently, the products are Business Packages, gold cards, cashgold, gold-backed cryptocurrency (KCB and KBC), blockchain phone, blockchain laptop, gold coins, and even… gold-based skincare (some contain silk and caviar, oh dear!).

Now, every single product in Karatbars worth a certain number of units. How many units, depends on the nature of the item.

  • One of two ways you get compensated in Dual Team is based on the units that you accumulate. It’s called a Dual Team Bonus.

  • The second way you get compensated in Dual Team is based on packages bought by people who were sponsored by you personally OR by your team. This, in turn is called a Direct Commission.


1st way to get paid: How do you get a Dual Team Bonus?

Simple. Every time when you have 50 units on one leg and 25 units on the other, you get a Dual Team Bonus.

Doesn’t matter which leg, left or right.

The amount of commissions you get for a single Dual Team Bonus depends on the status of your Business Package (Screenshot #2 below).

If you have:

  • Bronze Package — your Dual Team Bonus is €40,

  • Silver Package — your Dual Team Bonus is €50,

  • Gold Package — your Dual Team Bonus is €60,

  • VIP Package — your Dual Team Bonus is €80.

Note: At anytime, you can upgrade to a higher package and commissions will be adjusted accordingly.

2019 Karatbars Affiliate Compensation Plan explained (Dual Team)


Screenshot #2


2nd way to get paid: How do you get a Direct Commission?

This one is even simpler.

Every time you or someone in your team sponsors a new person and they buy a Business Package, you get a commission on a package that they buy (Screenshot #3).

Note: You receive a Direct commission on ANY package that they buy (it doesn’t have to be a Business Package). For your knowledge, Karatbars offers different packages.

  • You get 10% of their package if you sponsor them directly (they are in your first level).

  • You get 3% of their package if somebody in your second level sponsors them.

  • You get 2% of their package if somebody in your third level sponsors them.

Karatbars Compensation Plan 2019 (dual team)


Screenshot #3

Okay, now, to make sense of everything I just talked about, I provide a real-life example below.


Real-life example

How to get a Dual Team Bonus & Direct Commission?

Conceive - believe - achieve

Diagram #1



Let’s assume you just bought a Gold Business Package.


First, you sponsor a relative

Then you spoke to one of your distant relatives who was thinking about having his own business for a long time.

When you told him about Karatbars he jumped right in. He decided to start with a Gold Business Package as well (see Diagram #1).

  • You choose to put him on your left leg.

  • Look at the Diagram #1, Gold Package is worth 50 units. So, you get 50 units on your left leg.

  • Plus, you get 10% of his Gold Package because you sponsored him personally (he is in your first level). Today (November 1, 2019), Gold Package costs €1509,44. So, just multiply €1509,44 by 0.10 (10%), which equals €150.9.

  • Thus, your Direct Commission is €150.9.


Then you sponsor a colleague

In a week, you find a former colleague who buys a Silver Business Package and five 1-gram gold cards (see Diagram #1).

  • You put her on your right leg.

  • Silver Package is worth 20 units. So, you get 20 units on your right leg.

  • You also get 10% of her Silver Package. Today, the price of Silver Package is €707.22. So, you Direct Commission is €707.22 x 0.1= €70.7.

  • Remember, she also bought five 1-gram gold cards. Each 1-gram gold card is 1 unit. So you get 5 units.

  • In total (for a Silver Package and five 1-gram gold cards) you get: 20 units + 5 units = 25 units. So, altogether, now, you have 25 units on your right leg


A total from your relative and colleague

Altogether, from your relative and colleague, you have 50 units on your left leg and 25 units on your right leg.

  • This is a Dual Team Bonus! Since you have a Gold Business Package, your Dual Team Bonus commission is €60 (see Diagram#1).

  • Notice, when you ‘cycle’, you are left with 0 units on your left leg and 0 units on your right leg.

In total, your Dual Team Bonus commissions from sponsoring these two people are €60.

In total, your Direct Commissions from sponsoring these two people is €150.9 + €70.7= €221.6

Now, you final total (Dual Team Bonus commissions and Direct Commissions) from sponsoring these two people is €60 + €221.6 = €281.6


Then your colleague sponsors her best friend

In a couple days your colleague sponsors her best friend! (see Diagram #1)

  • She registers this friend as a customer on her right leg.

  • This friend immediately buys one 5-gram gold card. A 5-gram gold card is worth 3 units.

  • So your colleague gets 3 units on her right leg.

  • And YOU get 3 units on your right leg as well! And this happened without your involvement!

    • In other words, when anyone in your team (downline) sponsors someone, you get the same amount of units as a person who sponsors them. This is the ultimate beauty of Karatbars compensation plan!



Ideally, as long as you sponsor a couple active people (aka leaders), and they sponsor a couple active people and so on, you will start to accumulate units on the regular basis without being directly involved.

However, please keep in mind that it’s in an ideal world:

Because not everyone in your team will find active people.

And some people won’t find any active people at all.

In the end, the more active people you sponsor personally, the better.

Even better, if you help those in your team (downline) find their people.

A reminder, Dual Team Bonus and Direct Commissions you earn are put on Karatbars Mastercard every Friday.



Depending on your efforts and how positive your mindset is, the time it takes to find people who understand the value of gold AND at the same time want to make money with Karatbars will vary.

If you are planning to make money with Karatbars I suggest you start now!

I mean start now looking for those who like gold and want to run their own business!

It can be your colleagues, friends, relatives, acquaintances, strangers on the street — anyone.

If you have some background in sales or marketing — that would certainly help!



Always remember, if you believe you can make good money with Karatbars, go ahead and register now.

Because if you have a strong desire to make Karatbars your main source of income, you WILL make it no matter what.


2019 Karatbars Compensation Plan pdf

The above screenshots I took from the 2019 Karatbars Compensation Plan brochure.

View the official 2019 Compensation Plan pdf here.


Anyways, that’s it. Have a question? Let me know below 🙂



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Karatbars compensation plan disclaimer

  • Every effort has been made to accurately represent the Karatbars marketing plan and its capabilities.

  • All examples of profits and incomes depend solely on the ideas, techniques, knowledge, skills, and time you apply to your independent business.

  • Karatbars does not guarantee results or success and is not responsible  for the financial decisions you make regarding the promotion of our products.

  • It is mutually agreed that Karatbars, its affiliates, clients or employees are in no way responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions that you have made regarding information about our company, products, or services.

  • Products are only sold by Karatbars International through the Company website.

  • You may purchase products within your own free account.

  • Educate yourself before sending money



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