5 Herbs to Tackle EMF Like a Boss!

Want to believe this message is hitting you in the peak of your awesomeness! I know it’s weekend. But our body doesn’t stop working hard mitigating the harm from EMFs (pesticides, artificial food ingredients, and the list goes on) We all know the digital world is a wild ride. And those EMFs from smartphones and … [keep reading..]

Centropix KLOUD $500 off: 14 days left

Are you considering to take advantage of the KLOUD $500 discounts this month? Are you looking for more info about KLOUD?At 8 pm today there is a webinar on KLOUD (and other products). There is also going to be round table discussion about: Nobel Price worthy frequency therapy and entrepreneurship! Have your with questions answered. … [keep reading..]

KLOUD Sets: $500 Off Until Oct 31

$500s OFF only October For a limited time – only October. *See picture at the bottom Centropix is offering a whopping $500 discount on three KLOUD sets. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Here are the fantastic sets and the attractive discounts.   1. The Pro Pack Special (KLOUD, COCOON, BUBBLE) Original … [keep reading..]