Join the Global Wellness Revolution

Ever envisioned starting your own health-focused business without the boss hassle? Explore the most exciting and profitable business model. All it takes is your laptop, internet connection, and the desire for something more. No need to leave home – you can opt for a purely online venture. Get a sneak peek of what sets Centropix … [keep reading..]

Centropix BUBBLE 2: Watch this 2-min video

If you missed the Saturday live call where the new BUBBLE² was showcased, you’re in for a treat! I’ve put together a quick 2-minute video highlighting the fantastic features BUBBLE² brings to the table. Check out the BUBBLE² video below   What’s new in BUBBLE²? – It retains all the great features of the original … [keep reading..]

Centropix BUBBLE 2: Learn on Tuesdays

You probably already know that Centropix released a new version of BUBBLE: BUBBLE 2! It’s very similar to the old BUBBLE in the way that it provides EMF protection. But BUBBLE 2 also got a PEMF element to it, like KLOUD! Plus with BUBBLE 2 you have access to Solfeggio frequencies. And several more truly … [keep reading..]

Effects of phone near head (Government stopped researching EMF effects in the 1990s)

Are you holding your phone by your ear? Or have your phone close to your head while you sleep? There is something to be aware of. Your phone emits something called radiofrequency (RF) radiation – a type of EMF energy. RF, which stands for radio frequency, typically denotes the high-frequency fields produced by wireless devices. … [keep reading..]

Centropix KLOUD Vs Other PEMF Devices

What distinguishes Centropix KLOUD from other PEMF devices?   KLOUD uses an improved version of PEMF signal – PEMA signal (developed in 2020).   While other PEMF devices use PEMF signal (developed in 1998).   PEMA signal is simply more advanced.   As a result, PEMA signal activates almost all molecules, while PEMF just some … [keep reading..]

5 Herbs to Tackle EMF Like a Boss!

Want to believe this message is hitting you in the peak of your awesomeness! I know it’s weekend. But our body doesn’t stop working hard mitigating the harm from EMFs (pesticides, artificial food ingredients, and the list goes on) We all know the digital world is a wild ride. And those EMFs from smartphones and … [keep reading..]